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Obras Completas – Collection Book (2011): It is a very special issue that celebrates the uninterrupted presence of Colección Habanos during ten years in all markets worldwide.

It has been called “Obras Completas” because it contains 30 Habanos: 3 vitolas of each one of the former editions. These were exclusive for each volume and most of them were unique to the brand.

Cuaba, Salomones (56 ring gauge x184 mm) was the vitola selected for making up the first Volume of the Colección Habanos in 2001, of which only 300 units were made. It is a majestic “double-figurado” Habano.

Partagás, Serie C No.1 (48 ring gauge x 170 mm) in 2002, the Volume II of the Colección Habanos, of which only 300 units were made, was dedicated to the Partagas brand, particularly to its “Series” renowned and admired all over the world.

Hoyo de Monterrey, Extravaganza (50 ring gauge x 180 mm) for the Volume III of the Colección Habanos 2003 only 500 units were made. It is a true exponent of the best characteristics of the Hoyo de Monterray blend, created to satisfy the most demanding smokers who prefer the Habanos of elegant flavor and taste.

Romeo y Julieta, Fabulosos No 6 (52 ring gauge x 180 mm) is a vitola that was especially made for the Volume III of the Colección Habanos 2004, of which only 500 numbered units were made.

Montecristo, Maravillas No1 (55 ring gauge x 182 mm) vitola, probably Habanos’best-known brand, became part of the Colección Habanos. With this Volume V of the Colección, of which only 500 numbered units were made. It was the 70th anniversary of the brand in 2005.

Trinidad, Torre Iznaga (52 ring gauge x 170) Volume VI of the Colección Habanos, of which only 500 numbered units were made, was a tribute to the Trinidad brand. The selected vitola, being of straight format with the classic a “pigtail”, stands out for maintaining the classic medium flavor of the Habanos that make up this brand aroma.

H.Upmann, Mágnum Especial (55 ring gauge x 170) was the vitola selected for making up Volume VII of the Colección Habanos 2007 of which only 500 numbered units were made. It is a format containing the essential characteristics of the H. Upmann brand.

Cohíba, Sublimes Extra (54 ring gauge x 184 mm) for the Volume VIII of the Colección Habanos 2008 the vitola Sublimes Extra from Cohiba was selected to honor its name. Its beauty is supported by these exceptional dimensions, as well as the balance of its unique blend. Because of the exceptional acceptance had in the different markets, the production of this Colección was extended for the first time to 1,000 numbered units.

San Cristóbal de La Habana, O´Reilly (56 ring gauge x 160 mm) is the vitola that gave prestige to the Volume IX of the Colección Habanos 2009 of which 1000 numbered units were made. This format paid tribute to one of the streets of La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) and to the 10thanniversary of the creation of San Cristobal de La Habana brand.

Bolívar, Gran Belicoso ( cepo 54 x 184 mm) this impressive Bolivar vitola´s blend is a faithful expression of the Habanos preferred by those connoisseurs who like intense flavors. Gran Belicoso, a figurado format, highlighted the Volume X of the Colección Habanos 2010 of which 1000 numbered units were made.

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Smoking Time

    • SMOKING TIME 50-75 min 75%


    • Ring gauge:
    • Cigar length:
    • Packaging: SPB-S-n-n-n-30
    • Vitola: MIXED
    • Body: MEDIUM-Full
    • Country of origin: Cuba
    • Construction: Made by Hand ( Totalmente Hecho a Mano)
    • Manufacturer information: Cuba Tobacco 
    • Distributor: Habanos S.A.,Calle 3ra No 2006,. Miramar, La Habana,CU




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