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Regional Edition

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In 2005, Habanos S.A. introduced the Regional Edition (Edición Regional) Series.

The ten worldwide premium Global and Niche brands are excluded from this series.  This leaves the seventeen local and multi-local brands for these regional editions.  As these brands are not promoted worldwide, this series was seen as an ideal marketing method to promote them.  Despite this criteria, in 2007 a previously unheard-of brand, Edmundo Dante (a de-facto Montecristo) was released for Mexico.

The series comprises special limited production cigars made exclusively for a regional market, and are available for a one or two year period.  After this, Habanos has the right to add this cigar to the current production range.  The cigars must be selected from current production vitolas that are not already available in that brand.  Some of the newly introduced vitolas from the premium brands are also excluded.

Each release is initiated by the Regional Distributor, who underwrite the setup costs. Some distributors have elected to reissue in the second year.  Reissue cigars are identical but the box leaflet may have a statement “Its great acceptance encourages us to present this edition again…” or similar, depending on the country of distribution. 

Regional Editions currently now have a lifespan of 12 months, and have a minimum run of 25,000 cigars. They are usually released in August, September and October of each year.

From 2012, there will only be one Regional Edition per Distributor.

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