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Quality control

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Quality control is provided by testing and supervision during the rolling, and later by both non-destructive and destructive testing.

The supervisors are expert rollers, who are mainly involved in checking technique, construction and physical cigar sizes at the rolling tables.  Each cigar must pass a suction draw test before the wrapper is applied.

After leaving the roller, the cigars go to the quality control section, where each cigar is checked for weight, length, ring size, consistency, construction and appearance.

Samples are also opened up to check internal filler construction, arrangement, and blending of the leaf.

Finally, a sample of the cigars are test-smoked to ensure that they are consistent with the required character of the vitola.  They are graded for draw, burn, aroma, flavour, strength, and overall quality.

General consensus is that there has been a substantially overall improvement in Cuban cigars (due to improved and additional quality control and the older aged filler leaf now being used).  This improvement has been especially apparent since 2006 and these cigars now smoke better and earlier.

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