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Capital city of province Matanzas, is an industrial city with about 120.000 inhabitants.
Between Habana and Varadero, you will cross this city. As being a Dutch website I have to remember you that our own Piet Heyn concured the “Zilvervloot” from the Spaniards in the bay of Matanzas in 1628, there even is a statue of Piet Heyn at the Bay side. The name Matanzas sounds weird … because it really mean “mass murder” in Spanish. Could be this name come from, the beginning of de 16th century the Spaniards kill a lot of Indians the regular inhabitants of this area, but a second story is about just the killing of cows and other animals and were shipped from Hicacos … anyway, the name Matanzas is strange. Matanzas, a prosperous, culturemided city that was founded in 1693 and which some call the Athens of Cuba, in reference to its many poets, and others the Cuban Venice, due to the five bridges that cross it at different streches of its Yumuri and San Juan rivers.Monumental buildings of neclassical features are a proof of the boom that this quiet city has experienced beginning in late 18th century. Matanzas grew around a large bay, well protected by a solid network of fotresses the most important of which can still be visited and admired today.

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