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Limited Edition Series

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In 2000, Habanos S.A. introduced the Limited Edition ( Edición Limitada ) Series for their premium brands.  This series comprises cigar vitolas that were not in current production.

Initially, the cigars were manufactured using two year old aged wrappers from the upper level of the plant, to produce a unique darker colour.  Since 2007 all of the tobacco (wrapper, binder, & filler) is aged for two years.

The 2001 year cigars were not released until early to mid 2002.

There was also a 2001 Limited Edition Vegas Robaina Prominente gifted to attendees at the 2002 Habano Festival, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Vegas Robaina brand.  Only 800 of these cigars were produced.

In 2002 there were no Limited Edition releases.   This was probably due to the late release of the 2001 LE cigars and the lack of suitable two-year old wrapper tobacco, as Habanos SA may have underestimated the success of the Limited Edition concept.

In 2006 (the fifth anniversary of this series) three of the most popular Limited Edition cigars were re-issued.

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