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Fermentation of wrappers

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Once the wrapper leaves are fully cured, they are removed from the poles and tied in sheaves called gavillas . This concludes the work of the farmer and the task passes into the hands of the  Empresa de Acopio y Beneficio del Tabaco  – the ‘organization for the gathering and improvement of tobacco’ – which buys the leaf from the farmer. The leaves are then taken to the  Escogida  , or Sorting House, where they will be fermented.
As shade-grown leaves are so thin and delicate, wrappers only undergo a single process of fermentation. It lasts for a minimum of 20 days and takes place in chambers at the Sorting House that have been specially designed for this purpose. During the fermentation the leaf’s impurities are eliminated and its acidity, tar and nicotine contents are reduced whilst its taste characteristics are accentuated. The fermentation also evens out the colour of the wrapper.
Following the fermentation, the wrappers stay in the Sorting House and pass to the process of sorting into classes or classification.

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