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San Luis*

Small town at the epicentre of Cuban tobacco culture, known above all for the cultivation of wrapper leaves. As a district located in the Vuelta Abajo* zone, its name is protected as a Denomination of Origin. Here you find the world-famous El Corojo Vega as well as the Cuchillas de Barbacoa farm. It is one of …

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Founded during the early 17th Century, Partido* is a historic tobacco region incorporating a number of tobacco-growing zones traditionally located to the south west and more recently to the south east of Havana City. Partido*, which is protected as a Denomination of Origin, specialises in the cultivation of wrapper leaves for long and …

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Havana city, capital of Cuba. Although no tobacco is cultivated in Havana, the city gave its name to Cubas most famous export because its natural harbour provided the port from which Habanos were originally shipped. Also it remains the location of the most famous Habano factories. It is a Denomination …

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San Juan y Martínez [SAN JUAN Y MARTINEZ]

The other famous small town in Vuelta Abajo* which gives its name to a district that is protected as a Denomination of Origin. It has a particular reputation for the cultivation of fillers and binders, and the famous Hoyo de Monterrey plantation is located here. It is the other district where the finest vegas …

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The other tobacco zone situated in the Pinar del Río region known mainly for its cultivation of binder and filler leaves for Tripa Corta -Short Filler- Habanos. Traditionally the part of the Pinar del Rio* tobacco region not included in Vuelta Abajo* has been called Semi Vuelta. However the area of this zone employed …

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