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Regional Editions  

Regional Editions of Habanos are only distributed in certain parts of the world. Usually they are made in the less well-known of the 27 Habanos brands, which have particular associations with different countries.  While they are made from the standard tobaccos and blends for the brands in question with no …

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Porcelain and glass jars are produced from time to time as limited editions as they were in 2000 when the Cohiba, Montecristo and Cuaba ceramic jars were produced to mark the new Millennium.These are usually available through Duty Free shops and La Casa del Habano network

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Ediciones Limitadas 

Limited Editions in the leading brands of Habanos have been produced since 2000. They are distinguished not so much by their boxes, but more by the exclusivity of the cigars contained in them of which only small quantities are made in sizes not normally found in the brands in question. …

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Without a band

In specialist cigar shops it is still possible to find Habanos without bands in slide lid boxes or bundles. However these were discontinued in the first years of the 21st century and now all Habanos leave the factories with bands on them.

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Aluminium tubes 

Created for railway companies in the 1930’s, cedar-lined aluminium tubes help preserve cigars from damage and drying out. Ideal for outdoor pursuits like yachting or mountaineering. Decant the cigars from the tubes when placing them in a humidor.  

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