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Controlled Air Curing 

The 1990’s saw a major investment in temperature and humidity control for the curing of wrapper leaves, to overcome the unpredictable conditions in a conventional barn. This is air curing at its most refined, with optimum conditions replicated around the clock. The time it takes is naturally less, around 25 …

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Fermentation of wrappers

Once the wrapper leaves are fully cured, they are removed from the poles and tied in sheaves called gavillas . This concludes the work of the farmer and the task passes into the hands of the  Empresa de Acopio y Beneficio del Tabaco  – the ‘organization for the gathering and improvement of tobacco’ – …

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classification of wrappers

Size, colour and texture are the three criteria that guide the sorters. Precious wrappers, as you might expect, are the subject of very close attention. First they are moistened and aired to prepare them for handling. Then they are classified into a bewildering array of some 50 different categories designed …

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Baling and ageing of wrappers

After the wrappers have been sorted into classes, they are once again tied into gavillas  (sheaves). The gavillas are then packed in bales known as tercios , made from yagua , which is the loose bark of the Royal Palm tree, a material used for many purposes in Cuba. Every bale carries a label rich with information about …

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Shade Grown

The muslin cover filters the sunlight and traps the heat so the leaves grow larger and finer – perfect conditions for growing the perfect wrapper leaf. Only the largest and finest leaves are selected to make wrappers for Habanos. No surprise that the wrapper is the most expensive leaf to …

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