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A romantic pictorial celebration of the brand, often with much gold and embossing. Vistas typically feature medals that the brand has won, the coats of arms of former royal patrons, historical images and notes about the brand.

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Cuba’s term for the cigar band. The common term elsewhere is la vitola (hence ‘vitolfilia’ for cigar-band collecting) but this is a word with other meanings in Cuba. A particular size and shape of Habano is also a vitola.

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Box date

They are: ▪ ENE (Enero) January ▪ FEB (Febrero) Frebruary ▪ MAR (Marzo) March ▪ ABR (Abril) April ▪ MAY (Mayo) May ▪ JUN (Junio) June ▪ JUL (Julio) July ▪ AGO (Agosto) August ▪ SEP (Septiembre) September ▪ OCT (Octubre) October ▪ NOV (Noviembre) November ▪ DIC (Diciembre) December

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