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La Corona Factory

The old La Corona factory was built in 1904 specifically for the (now discontinued) La Corona brand. The new La Corona factory was commissioned in 2005, replacing the original factory.  The new factory can produce 12 million cigars annually, producing Hoyo de Monterrey, La Flor de Cano, Por Larrañaga, Punch, …

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La Escepcion Factory – Closed

The La Escepcion factory was established circa 1865 specifically for the (now discontinued) La Escepcion brand. The factory moved location in 1882, and later introduced the Hoyo de Monterrey brand.  In 1960, the factory was taken over by the State and the brands transferred to the old La Corona factory.

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Cuban Tobacco Industry Factory (ICT)

The Internacional Cubana de Tabacos, S.A. (ICT) was formed in 2001 and is now the only manufacturer of fully machine-made Cuban cigars. They produce the Belinda, Guantanamera, and Troya brands plus some Cuban brand-name small cigars (cigars less than 3 grams) comprising the Mini, Club, and Puritos sizes.

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In addition to fumigation, freezing of the finished cigars is used to kill the tobacco beetle Lasioderma serricorne. Freezing of cigars commenced around early 2005.  It is carried out in the Habanos main temperature and humidity controlled storage and distribution building.  This, combined with fumigation, is intended to kill all eggs, …

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El Laguito Factory

El Laguito Factory El Laguito, established in 1966, is Cuba’s most exclusive cigar factory producing the premium Cohiba brand.  Up until circa 1998 it also produced the Trinidad diplomatic range. El Laguito is the most elite cigar factory in Cuba, known for producing Cohiba and Trinidad cigars since 1966. The …

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El Rey del Mundo Factory

The old El Rey del Mundo factory was established in its present location some time after the 1930s. It produced the El Rey del Mundo brand and the (now discontinued) machine-made Status de Luxe, Troya, and Gispert brands. In 2005 the El Rey del Mundo brand was transferred to the …

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