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Havana Club Tributo Collection is a series of limited editions, each created from reserves of exceptional rums. Since 2016, each installment of the Collection has been presented at the Habano Festival and has paid tribute to the different elements that make up the Cuban Rum production process.

“The creation of Havana Club Tributo Collection is a fascinating process, since each delivery will bring with it a new and unrepeatable tasting experience, thanks to experimentation with rums from our reserves” – Asbel Morales, Master of Cuban Rum.

Did you know…? 
This Collection is a tribute to the best that Cuban rum can offer, the Master of Cuban Rum of Havana Club Asbel Morales, will personally select the best aged rums from the reserves of his wineries, to produce each annual edition with a distinctive flavor and unique.

Limited edition with only 2500 bottles a year for the whole world, which has the signature of the Master of Cuban Rum Asbel Morales and serial label listed.
It is a collectible product that gains value over time.

Product developed from the best rum reserves in our wineries. Each year it will present a different flavor, capable of challenging the finest palates.

Havana Club Tributo 2020

This majestic rum celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Tribute Collection and pays tribute to the unique aging process and continuous blending of Cuban rum.

Asbel Morales, Master of Cuban Rum, personally selected a small amount of exquisite reserves of rum from previous editions, which had been saved and re-aged, and then mixed them with a unique rum, extracted from an extraordinary batch of 100 exclusive barrels, never marketed before.

The result of a fine and luxurious spirit of astonishing depth and complexity with an intense and rich smoky touch derived from the bases of the 2018 Tribute.

The graphics of the bottles and the luxurious wooden case with references to the art-deco style evoke the splendor of the 1920s, a century before the birth of this great rum.

Havana Club Tributo 2019

The fourth edition of this rum pays tribute to the passion, knowledge and collaboration of three generations of Cuban Rum Masters: Don José Navarro, First Master of Cuban Rum and Masters Asbel Morales and Salomé Alemán, first woman of the select group of experts.

Each master selected an exclusive and extra aged rum base, which were joined to another that matured in cognac barrels to be mixed again with a rum that rested for more than 25 years in French oak barrels.

The precious golden liquid offers a balanced aroma and flavor of oak evolved with notes of dried fruits.

Havana Club Tributo 2018

It honors the leading role of the barrel in the production process of Havana Club rums. The third edition was the result of the meticulous mixing of the best rum reserves, aged in barrels of more than 60 years.

Asbel Morales, Master of Cuban Rum, carefully selected and mixed the rums extracted from these precious barrels, and then finished the process with a finish in smoked whiskey barrels. The result: the First Cuban Rum with a subtle but distinctive smoky note.

Wood packaging is included for the first time, giving it the luxury credentials of an exclusive product.

Havana Club Tributo 2017

Sugar cane starred in this second edition, which is why the green color distinguished its image. This rum owes its impressive character to the presence of a brandy of several decades, which was aged in exclusive barrels for more than 80 years.

The result is a liquid with a distinctive dry note, combined with notes of chocolate, coffee and tobacco, which are accompanied by a bright amber color and an intense aroma, which when inhaled, mixes subtle notes of cane honey and raisins.

Havana Club Tributo 2016

The first edition of the series, Tributo 2016, was led by a base of rums aged in 80-year-old barrels, which was carefully blended with other rums to give an aromatic and intense flavor, with distinctive notes of tropical nuts and an amber color. deep.

Tribute 2016 is a tribute to the craftsmanship of the Cuban Rum Masters, whose knowledge was declared in that same year, Cultural Heritage, in order to guarantee the sustainability and visibility of an expression of national identity.



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