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New Seals

This Seal has been developed through a base of synthetic paper with special characteristics such as an auto-destructive feature before any attempts of removal and with several maximum security techniques added.

◆ Non-transferred label. Any attempt to remove it, will cause invalidation of the seal by self destruction.

  Highly adherence of the paper (plastic) Auto-destructive, Self-destructive

◆ Scan and Photocopy Protected System

◆ The holographic band will show a bicolor text in 2nd and 3rd dimension,

◆ Elements with optical variations attached.

◆ Also it will enclose a micro dot only visible through laser scanner.

On the other hand, a unique bar code will be applied on every single box thus customizing every packaging. This information will be saved in a data base allowing the identification of this product everywhere, whom this product was addressed to as well as the Invoice number, amongst other details. The bar code can also verify the authenticity of the box through the Habanos website ( Without the bar code, it would be hard to determine it’s authenticity.

The fact is that there will always be a time in which both old and new Warranty Seals designs will exist at the same time in the markets. The length of time in which the two seals will coexist is not so easy to foresee because it depends on the stocks and on the rotation of the different products

Since 1960, the bottom of all Habanos boxes have been hot-stamped with the words “HECHO EN CUBA” (Made inCuba). Since 1994, all boxes have also been hot stamped with “Habanos s.a.

Since 1989, boxes of classic long-filler Habanos cigars have been hot-stamped with the words “Totalmente a mano” (Totally by hand)

Boxes of short-filler Habanos cigars are also hot-stamped with the words “Totalmente a mano” and since 2002 ink stamped with the letters TC (Tripa Corta – Short Filler)

Machine-made cigars are stamped only with the words “Habanos s.a.” and “Hecho en Cuba”on the box.

Since 1994, all boxes have carried the Habanos seal as a mark of the cigars’ denomination of origin. No box of Habanos cigars is shipped from Cuba without it.

Factory Code and box date

There are, in addition, two ink-stamps on the bottom of Habanos boxes. One is a confidential code that tells which factory the cigars are made.

The other is the month and the year they are boxed. The dates are not in code and the year is simple enough. The system started in 2000 with “00”, then “01” and so on.

However, unless you know a bit of Spanish, the months are a bit more complicated

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