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Habanos Packaging Codes

Habanos Packaging Codes

On the Habanos SA website, a special packaging code is used to describe the Packaging available for each vitola.

The packaging code is made up of 6 parts, each part separated by the hyphen symbol (-).

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6

The various parts of the code are shown in the following table:

Code PartSpanishCode Part Description
1Envase exteriorPackaging type
2Material exteriorPackaging material
3Envase interiorInternal packaging
4Distribución interiorLayer distribution
5Envase individualIndividual cigar packaging
6CantidadTotal number of cigars

The individual codes in each part are as follows:

Part 1: Packaging Type – Envase Exterior
CBCajón CorrienteCurrent Box (standard, dress, or semi-plain box with pin)
CBBCajón Corriente con BrocheCurrent Box with Brooch
SLBCajón CorrederaSlide Lid Box
BNCajón Boîte NatureBoîte Nature Box
SBNCajón Semi Boîte NatureSemi Boîte Nature Box
SPBEstuche EspecialSpecial Cabinets
898Cajón 898898 Box (two long sides curved)
CCajón CartónCardboard Box
PWBCajón de PlywoodPlywood Box

Part 2: Packaging Material – Material Exterior
UWMadera sin BarnizarUnvarnished Wood
VWMadera BarnizarVarnished Wood
A/FPapel de AluminioAluminium Paper Foil

Part 3: Internal Packing – Envase Interior
nNingunoNone (not applicable)
C/LLámina de CedroCedar Sheet separators (or lining for jars)
C/SSeparadores de CartónCardboard separator
C/PPetaca de CartónCardboard Pack
A/FPapel de AluminioAluminium Paper Foil
A/PPetaca de AluminioAluminium Pack
GPSRPapel Glassine con Cinta SadraGlassine Paper with Silk Ribbon
SRCinta SadraSilk Ribbon
SLBCaja CorrederaSlide Lid Box- individual “coffin” box

Part 4: Layer Distribution – Distribución Interior
nNingunoNone – not applicable
MMazoBundled – not in layers
Numeric EntryExamplesMeaning
single number 10For boxes, represents the number of cigars per layer.
Can be a single layer or one or more equal layers.
 5For carton packs, represents the number of cigars in each individual pack.
To calculate the number of layers (or packs), divide the total number of cigars (from part 6 of the code) by this number.
multiple numbers12,13(2 layers)
9,9,7(3 layers)
3,4,3(3 layers)
For boxes, the numbers (separated by a comma) represents the number of cigars in each layer (from the bottom layer up).

Part 5: Individual Cigar Packaging – Envase Individual
nNingunoNone – not applicable
A/TTubo de AluminioAluminium Tube
A/FPapel de AluminioAluminium Paper Foil
G/FPapel DoradoGolden Paper Foil
S/FPapel SedaTissue Paper
CWEnvuelto en CedroCedar Wrapped
C/BCaja de CartonCardboard Box
W/BCaja de MaderaWood Box
G/TTubo de CristalGlass Tube
P/TTubo de PlásticoPlastic Tube
CWCELEnvuelto en Cedro y CelofónCedar Wrapped and Cellophane

Part 6: Total Number of Cigars – Cantidad
Numeric EntryExampleMeaning
 a single number25For boxes, this is the total number of cigars.
For display/carton packs, this number represents the total number of cigars in the full package.

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